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  • Villacampa Kennel Bearded Collies - Viviana Filardi - Buenos Aires Argentina
  • Vivaldi de Chester - Rene Jaques Tostivin - France
  • The Vokey's Home Page - Lillian Rod Volkey - Montreal Canada
  • Von der Old`n Aue - Elke Kern - Germany
  • Vvrienden Bearded Collies - Joke Bijster and Dieneke Huijser - Netherlands
  • vun LluetjeStroom - Petra und Herbert Everts - Germany
  • Westmilwunda Bearded Collies & Lhasa Apsos - the home page of Marlene Pritchard South Africa
  • White Empire -Zsuzsanna Vörös - Hungary
  • Claudia Wicke Jolly Jumper - Germany
  • Wild X' perience - Christina Wild - Germany
  • Willowmore Bearded Collies - Marie Luise & Bernd Dauphin - Germany
  • Wintails Bearded Collies - Helene Wikander - Sweden
  • Wipster Bearded Collies - Bente Hansen - Denmark
  • Birgit and Eddi Wolf -Woolly Pad's Joy and Pride- Germany
  • Wookiee-Gang - Kriszta & Attila Heger ( Hégerné Nyíri Kriszta) - Hungary
  • - M. Volleberg - Netherlands
  • Diane Wynen - Madigan Bearded Collies and Wyndian Canine Crafts (Ligier is here!) 
  • X´Perience - Hannelore and Klaus Wolf - Germany
  • XTC Bearded Collies - Bela and Dawn Szecsy -Wisconsin
  • Yoshimi's Home Page  Yoshimi Kobayashi - Wan Wan Moomin and Walt (Daisy's son) - Japan
  • Zeke - Mrs. M in Ohio?
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