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Breed Clubs

Beardie Agility Clubs

Data Bases

  • Bearded Collie Database - Hobbe - Swedish or Engish
  • Irene Fransson - Bearded Collie Database - over 44,000 beardies - pedigree and test mating



FAQ and Information Pages

EMAIL LISTS for Bearded Collies

BeardieList (formerly Beardies-L) Pages
The Largest and Oldest of them all!

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 But you may need to set up an account first

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BeardieList Beardie Owners Pages (B-BOP)
How to Subscribe to BeardieLis

Bearded Collie List (BCL)
The Bearded Collie List (BCL) is a mail group dedicated to bringing Beardie owners 
(and Beardie-wannabe-owners) from around the world to assist each other with problems; to discuss issues of concerns to the future of the breed; to  share the fun, laughs, and tears of having a Beardie; and in general to have a productive time expanding everyone's knowledge of the breed:

 To subscribe to this list, please send an e-mail message to

 The one line of your message should be:  subscribe bearded-collie-list
 (You may leave the subject line of your message blank, or filled with anything, as the software program handling subscriptions does not pay any attention to the subject, only to the actual message line.)

You should then shortly receive an acknowledgement message with further instructions.

BONE Rescue
A small group of people dedicated to helping our four footed friends.
Beardies and Others Needing Emmissaries! 
BUT- it is by approval only - so maybe go to the website first - drop a note on the Bulletin Board
You will find the website above in this page if you are trying to adopt a neardie.
Then: Use the link below if you want to join as a volunteer


Beardie Agility Diehards
Sign on to the Internet using your browser.Go to:
Follow the instructions for subscribing.

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beardie-fun - Just for the Fun of Beardies is a New England (USA) group of Beardie owners
                    that get together to have fun with their Bearded Collies.</P> 

labeardies -  E-mail discussion group restricted to members of the Bearded Collie Fanciers of
                    Greater Los Angeles. 

BeardiesFloridaFun - Trying to start a social group for Florida Beardies and their owners. Anyone and everyone is welcome. I thought that it might be nice to gather beardie families and let them play together. We all know that it is as rewarding for the owners as it is for the


You can subscribe by going to the site and then to the NaturalBeardie  page.  This is a forum/resource center for those beardie/neardie owners who wish  to explore and learn about the more natural and alternative ways of nutrition, rearing, vaccinating and healing. 

This group is intended primarily as a means of notifying other beardie owners in the Pacific NW region of the US of  beardie related events.  It can be used to organize bounces or other informal activities.  It is not affiliated with the North West Bearded Collie Club of Puget Sound although some members of the list are also NWBCCPS  members.
BDN in Japan
People who has "Kanji Characterset" in their PC can subscribe BDN from over seas by subscribing as follows:
      • In japanese

      • Email
        Subject: (none)
        Line1: subscribe beardies-net  ****@***** (e-mail address)
        Line2: end
 SWEDISH (svenska)
 bclistan -   En lista för beardisfolk med egna åsikter som vågar uttrycka och stå för dem...

beardislistan En diskussionsgrupp, på svenska, för uppfödare och ägare till Bearded Collie. 

UK (English)
the Bearded Collies UK mailing list


bearded Que vous soyez propriétaire d'un Bearded Collie ou non, si vous êtes un amoureux du Bearded, des sports canins ou des chiens en général, cette mailing-liste vous   concerne.Alors venez vite nous rejoindre !!! 

Bearded Collie diskuzní fórum Czech Republic


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