Bearded Collie information : breed description, many Articles, Beardie Chat, art and photos, stories and links. Read about the History of this Breed and reasons to consider them as your next pet (or not to). Articles cover everything you need to know, including sections on grooming and behavior issues and even rescue. Our Beardie section is full of examples of collectible cards, stamps. Free clip art section and anmimations you can use. We also offer Dog information and Advice, Holiday Specials. Of course you can check out Hobo's personal information as well. Mega Resouce center on this herding dog breed.
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Hobo is 15!

Hobo's 15th Birthday
May 17, 2011
Hobo Raibow Bridge
November 10, 2011
He was 15 1/2
The website will remain but will take on a new format eventually

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Hi, I'm Hobo  I was born May 17, 1996. My real name is
Can. CH Fox Lane's A Dream of Dreams HIC HCT

I own Glenn and JoAnne Short and their six offspring
Michigan, USA..


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Don't forget our links to find a breeder and a puppy, rescue, calendar, gifts or even a that special picture. If you are a Bearded collie breeder make sure you arelisted in the beardie link area.

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See also my Bearded Collie brothers Checkers and Rags on their own pages

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Journal Pedigree Beardie Links Description Specials Advice
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