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The Shaggy Dog
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Coal - shaggy dog star
Photo of "Coal" -(his actual name) from the movie remake of the Shaggy Dog.

Shaggy dog Tim Allen
Morphing at the computer
Joey - shaggy dog star
Photo of stunt double

Tim Allen is a lawyer, Dave Douglas, who doesn't spend much time at home with his family. Suddenly he begins to transform into a dog (the old ancient ring trick). Of course his capers chasing cats (interupting his career) and conflicts with his evil arch rival (Downey) makes him a better man (?).

Check out the rest of our Beardie Description Section and look at the No Puppy Mills web site to find out what a puppy mill is and why you should avoid pet stores selling dogs.

shaggy dog cast downey with shaggy dog
shaggy dog face what breed is this
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The Shaggy Dog (March 10, 2006)
Tim Allen Stars in this Walt Disney Productions remake or sequel to "The Shaggy D.A.. The balance of the cast is: Kristin Davis, Robert Downey, Jr., Danny Glover, Spencer Breslin, Zena Grey, Shawn Pyfrom

What breed is the shaggy dog in the movie? A Bearded Collie The real shaggy dog

If this movie makes you want to buy a Bearded Collie (shaggy dog), then we ask you to think twice. Are you ready for a difficult to groom dog? Check out our Reasons not to own a Beardie. And if you want to help prevent abuse by puppymills - then be sure to find a good, reputable breeder. Do not purchase from a pet store. We suggest you check out the BCCA web site for litters and breeders - look here. Be sure to also look at these pages. Beardie Breeders and Puppy Prices on the BCCA web site (more articles there) and click the links at the top of this page or check out the index page right here on this web site for a huge resource of information.

Whenever a major movie comes out with a dog breed as a star, many people rush out on a whim thinking they must own that breed. We love to promote the Bearded Collie, but honestly you have to have the time to groom their long double coat (often a hour or two a week). If not, then get ready for skin problems and a highly matted dog that you will have to shave down. Shaggy dog breeds also get mud, sticks and even poop caught in that long hair.

The owner of this web site has worked for years in Beardie Rescue and also in puppymill auction rescue. Many of the Beardies mass produced by commercial mills for pet stores have temperament issues and health problems. Some never recover and the owners end up hating the breed. Don't make the mistake of impulse buying - and if you research this web site and others, and still think you want a Beardie, be prepared to wait. Good breeders do not produce many puppies in a given year - maybe a couple litters tops. But DO go to a good breeder (otherwise you may be sorry - that is our honest opinion)

Think twice ( or more) before purchasing a shaggy dog breed. Do your research, make sure everyone in the family is prepared for the upkeep, and most importantly - pick a really good. ethical, breeder. Don't get a dog on impulse just because you saw it in a movie.

Not all breeds are for everyone and they may not be the right dog for you or your family. When you add a Beardie to your family, it may be for 12 to 15 years. Be sure the size, personality, exercise requirements and grooming commitment all meet your expectations.

The Bearded Collie, also called a Beardie is a wonderful dog breed. He is cute and smart. But he can take a lot of grooming to look like this.

Mooseport dog - another shaggy dog breed
click for larger video capture

Welcome to Mooseport ( Feb 20, 2004) has several dogs, one may be a Beardie. If you see the movie, tell us if he has a tail and what his name is.

Gene Hackman, Maura Tierne and Ray Romano

See the trailer

clck me

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The movie, Agent Cody Banks (2003), features a Beardie as Cody Banks dog. Just a small part. Sorry the screen captures are not so good.

Malcolm in the Middle's Frankie Muniz plays the part of Cody Banks.

As Cody walks his dog, CIA agents posing a cable TV repairmen observe. They are assisting Cody in any way possible. In this case they take over the potty duty and get rewarded by the Beardie peeing on an agents foot.


A Beardie helped host Petsburgh USA
with Brianne Leary
Disney Lightpoint Entertainment
Photo credit: Douglas J. Nesbit see website (advertising section)
What kind of dog is this? Chip is said to be a rescue "Neardie" who appears on Animal Planet's Beware of Dog (2002 premiere) and also has had roles in the TV film Annie and the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas. There is a question in our mind if he is really part beardie as they say .. looks to be more terrier to us. he was rescued in 1997 by trainer Roger Schumacher.
First Kid. 1996 Featured "Brandy" a Bearded Collie. Starring Sinbad as a secret service agent Sam Simms, who is assigned to protect the President's teenage son Luke (Brock Pierce). Brandy had several scenes in this Disney produced movie, including one scene where she set off the security alarms by chasing a patrol dog. Made for kids with light humor for the whole family.The animal trainer was a Susan Humphreys.

A Boy And His Dog. 1975 Starring Don Johnson, Susanne Benton, Alvy Moore. This classic sci-fi tale follows the exploits of a young man and his telepathic dog as they struggle to survive in a post atomic wilderness. WWIV has ravaged earth and its survivors must battle for food, shelter and companionship in the desert-like wasteland. As Vic and his dog eke out a meager living foraging for food and fighting cutthroats, a beautiful young woman lures Vic to a bizarre underground city, where he is to be used against his will to impregnate dozens of young ladies. Written by Harlan Ellison and R rated. Often available on eBay and there are some new DVD copies out there!

Watch it on Broad Band


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Tiger on the Brady Bunch TV series was also played by the same dog as A Boy and His Dog (above) according to the filmmaker's information he is the Black and White Bearded Collie or maybe just another shaggy dog. But note that there was another Tiger (appears to be brown) seen in the photo with Alice. So how did that happen? The original Tiger was run over by a florist truck in the Paramount Studio parking lot during the first season. Since that was 1969/70, I would assume the Black and White Beardie finished out the series as he was alive to make the movie with Don Johnson in 1975. If you know otherwise (or who Tiger the Beardie's owner was - let us know! The other Tiger a Beardie or Beardie Mix - what do you think? (we think not)




The TV Guide finally featured Tiger as the head of the household.



Movie Pic HERCULE & SHERLOCK - the Movie, No longer has a page . de Jeannot Szwarc, avec Christophe Lambert, Richard Anconina et Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu sortie nationale : 4 décembre 1996.  Diann Shannon and Terri Stepankow's beardie boy Hannibal, CH Arcadia-Ballysord Georgies Boy ROM.

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