In memory of Rags - a Bearded Collie (Beardie) that came through BCCA Rescue
(AKA: Rags to Riches)

I am (was) Rags
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I was adopted by the Short family in Michigan 7/04/00

I was unusual for a rescue in that my pedigree is known.  I was born March 24, 1999 and passed on to the Rainbow Bridge on July 27, 2012 at 13 1/3 years old.

I was purchased at a pet store (for a lot of money) and lived with a family in Kentucky.  There were many reasons that that family could not keep me.  But I had spent almost all my life outside in a backyard.  My original family finally called the BCCA Rescue when they decided I was not having a very good life and needed a family to take care of me. And then I found my forever home (still in their hearts)


Half my face was white - the other half black

I loved my home I became fully adjusted after many years of patience and understanding from my humans. I needed some obedience training.  But I loved to hug my humans and became much better with strangers (except if they want to harm the humans).  

I always loved to be outside.  In fact, that is where I was when I passed on. I went out one last time and fell asleep. But if you watched the video you know I came in and went out as I pleased.  I played all day with my new brother beardies Hobo and Checkers until they passed on (just a year or less before me)- and also my humans.  I had a great life, and they tell me I was very smart.

I was truely an example of a rescue who had to earn my home and the love of my humans. (And that he did .... and will be missed)

You can still see some of the old stories that made Rags famous.

Summer (2000) but still noteworthy:
Hey - they tell me I am a hero.  Wow - I was written up in Dog Fancy and a local newspaper too. Actually, both my buddies Hobo and Checkers are too. This man walked into our yard one day and didn't notice us.  He did notice our human.  As he walked toward him, he pulled out a big knife like blade.  Well, we saw that and came to protect our human.  We surrounded the guy - Hobo got between him and our human Glenn and snarled at him, Checkers barked and I leaped in and out at him.  The guy took another step and I grabbed him by his shirt 

Me - and the knife

from behind.  I got some of his skin too I guess.  The man stopped and asked if we would hurt him.  Dad said "If I tell them too they will tear you to shreds" (He was joking of course, we are big loving furballs .. but dad didn't know I already got him as I did it from behind).  The man then said "Can I put this down then?" and he put the knife down.  Dad told us to stop then, and we did.  but we stayed between the man and dad.  Dad called the police once he got the guy off the property - they picked the guy up and later said they had to take him to a mental ward in a hospital - the guy had a mental problem - they said dad, and us, did a good thing getting the guy locked up

How I got here:
I was first placed in a home with two nice ladies in Ohio, but it did not work out.  They had another dog that was afraid of me.  Then, I was fostered by a nice family in Michigan for a couple of days, and even though they wanted a Beardie, they also turned me down. My new human, Glenn, is the Regional Coordinator for BCCA rescue.  He had taken me in a couple times already, trying to place me with a nice family. He decided I needed to be trained.  I had a problem, not being potty trained.  I also was sort of wild, pulled on leashes, jumped up and nipped people - basically I just needed to be trained as if I were a new puppy
  Well, I worked my magic - and made them fall in love with me.  It must have been all those hours of training, and the little tricks I played on the humans.  They decided I was special for them and the Short family adopted me,  I love it here - I am almost completely trained now.  I have a couple of Beardie brothers you can see on the net, Hobo and Checkers
I hope you also look at more of my photos.
You will see some more winter and some older ones too.
 I almost always had a toy - I loved toys..

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