Hobo the Bearded Collie or beardie provides a list of dozens of search engines found on the net, and links to listing services. Also so more popular subject orientated search places on the net.
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HOBO'sTM Search Engines

HOBO Wanders the WWW Globe. Here is How

If you are looking for Bearded Collie Links - Just Click on the button above and be sure to Check out Hobo's main page by clicking the doghouse from any page. We are proud that search Engines such as:Eureka found our search page and Beardie Links so usefull that they link their own to it and gave us a hot list and site referal underSpecialty! Click and check it out!
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Before I tell you about all the rest Here are search engines that have given Hobo's page Special RecognitionLink Monster LinkMonster (They are no more) - Best new page of the Day December 10, 1996andEurekaEueka recognized This Page and Hobo's Beardie Links as valuable net resources.
SEARCH ENGINES for finding WEB Pages
  • Abacho - Europe
  • AltaVista- Fast and Powerful Web Searcher. 
  • All.Info - new in 2003
  • All Links for Pets - searchable
  • ALLtheWeb - really good relevance!
  • ANANZI - from South Africa
  • Beyond...The Black Stump International Australia
  • C|Net's SEARCH.COM
  • DogINFO at Dog.com - currently building a database of dog sites.
  • DogPile - a multiple search engine with a neat name
  • Galaxy ( was EINET) Subject Listings
  • Electric Monk 
  • Eureka! Internet Search Engine From Mentor Marketing Services
  • Excite! - FAST! - I use this a lot, you can use AND statement like "Bearded AND Collie" 
  • Galaxy - Categorized Searches 
  • GO - this is an all new updated version that is said to be 50% faster and searches more pages than ever.  We love it as it gives Hobo's Bearded Collie Page a superior rating in the reviews! :) POWERFULL They bought Infoseek
  • Google - one of the new powerful search engines
    • Froogle - from google to search for products sites only.
  • GTE Super Pages - find someone or something, web pages or phone numbers
  • HELPANSWERS.com - want to find a computer hardware or software  manufatcurer?  Maybe get that driver or patch .. check here first - gets you to their pages with just a couple clicks
  • HotBot (HotWired)
  • Infomine
  • Info Tiger
  • Ixquick metasearch engine with some very good enhancements
  • Jayde Online Directory Has about 40,000 listings and cool sites, etc.
  • Jubii - Denmark
  • JumpCity - Best of the web type search
  • LinkMonster - Where you find great pages
  • LOOKSMART - cool Java base or regular
  • Lycos - Where you can find pictures, sounds, and websites (specific as they get)
  • Metacrawler - searches several search engines at goto.com (only give top results)
  • Multicrawl -  You can have your own branded version of MultiCrawl if you wish, just click on

  • the "Free Search Engine" link on the main page.  The webmaster Steven was kind enough to contact us - and that shows some real interest in your web experience - try it.
  • MSN - good once you get past the sponsored sites at the top
  • OneKey - google filtered for kids.
  • Open Text This one is good and often missed by search sites - also has intranet software.
  • Overture- was goto and metacrawler - note "paid" links may not be the best
  • OZDOGS Now called Dogsites - has a search engine to find dog pages- Australia
  • Poke! JavaScript Net Queries
  • REX - he's a Dog but really must be qualified in tracking - try it, it is good and different.
  • RLS Legal Research- Is it legal? Find out here
  • Search Malta - well at least it is in English and Has a search Engine (maybe I should go to bed now?)
  • Sí, Spain - Spain
  • Slider Search and free Encyclopedia
  • SPLAT Search Uses mySQL
  • SuperSearch provides a multi-search-engine-interface implemented in JavaScript.
  • Surf Point 
  • TeOma - pciked up direct hit, etc. and will be using Google's search
  • Virtual Search Engines - besides lists (and search boxes) to the 150 most popular search engines theis site offers specialty search and lists with thousands of tools.
  • Webcrawler - Easy to use - but often very busy (AOL uses this), otherwise it is my second choice.
  • What-U-Seek- find What-U-Seek
  • WiseNut - best to use single search word as multiple words come up unrealated.
  • Yahoo - For Categorized Web Searches. 
  • Yahooligans - Kids Directory 
  • Yellopet - pet portal - a great search tool for pet topics and pages
  • Zeal - Zealots review websites for addition to tis looksmart affiliate

The following are "Invisble Web" Search Services - that also index databases. Most searches just spider web pages --an invisible Web estimated to be as much as 500 times larger than what search engines can see. You search, and they take you where the information is - but then you have to look a while to find it - still, there is information there that you don't find elsewhere.


  • Phone and Email Directories + snailmail
  • Bigfoot is an email and email resourse directory (with tools)
  • GTE Super Pages This is also listed above as you can also find web pages
  • InfoSpaceInfo Space - provides a Web Who's Who, email, telephone, company, whatever (even net phone directory)
  • Playboy Ultimate Directory - my Dad said he doesn't know how I found this...woooof....Actually a very good place to locate people and companies, etc.
  • Switchboard - Has yellow and White pages and even can pull up a map so you can get directions...I like this.
Some of the Bigger web search engines also offer these services
Want To Submit A Site?
Remember that you can submit your url at each search engine site individually Good Idea for the major ones 
SUBJECT ORIENTATED Just now building - here are some good ones
  • Buyer's Index - Want to buy something online?  This site searches over 1000 web sites where you can shop.
  • DisInformation - the subculture search engine 
  • Ecola Directories - Newsstand . Search . . . Thousands of Newspapers and Magazines .Tech Directory . Search . . . Hardware & Software Vendors College Locator . Search . . . Colleges, plus College Libraries Bookstore Guide . Search . . . Local Retail Booksellers Car Port . Search . . . Automobile Makes & Manufacturers 
  • Hobo's Bearded Collie Links - just go to the top or click here. 

  • Josh's Sanctum - In the undernet this has become popular 
  • One Look Directories - Dictionaries - 79 last I checked - Medical ,Technical, Sports and More. 
  • Virtual Reference Desk - over 10,000 references sources you can search
  • Virtual Gumshoe - Investigative Resources on the Net. Adoptions, people, companies that find information, How to find information about people and companies.. 

Search for Mailing Lists 
  • CataList, the official catalog of LISTSERV lists
  • Topica
  • tile.net 
  • A listing of links to mailing lists

  • Search forNewsgroups (Usenet)

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