November 17, 1997 to October 10, 2011
At the Rainboe Bridge (after almost 14 years)
Final Photo - August 26, 2011
Checkers Goodbye

Interesting optical illusion

Last post: On 7/15/2011 I suffered several seizures and I have been unable to get on my feet for more than a few minutes a day. I have cancer according to the vet, and even if treated through operations I might get another couple of months here at most. I am still fighting, but it is a matter of time. So I say goodbye to my friends now, and my humans hug me everyday. Even though I wake up each day for a few minutes, eat and drink, I know the end is near. Dad says I am still his puppy.

Checkers was born November 17, 1997. ( Am. Can. Ch. Fox Lane's Grand Master) 
 Checkers was adopted by Glenn and JoAnne Short and their children.  He became Hobo's adopted brother. 
Checkers recieved his American Championship the day he turned 9 months, and his Canadian Championship at 23 months (after a long lay off from showing). That photo is at this page bottom

Checkers animation copyright Glenn Short
We hope you enjoyed seeing his pictures as he grew up. 

Checkers with Hobo
The wind made me look like a Lion!

playing in the yard


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Looking for the game of checkers?  Checkers is proud to be the official mascot of ShadowCasters Checkers (Game) Page Triplejump,the LEADING Checker / Draughts Authority!"

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What? No pictures for 10 years! I looked the same and enjoyed my life.
Checkers 2001
Checkers Fall 2000 - Winter2001
Checkers at 19 months
Checkers at 9 months- Gains Championship on 9 mo. birthday
Checkers at 6 months - pictures of his first shows (and Major win)
Checkers at 5 months
Checkers at 17 weeks
Checkers at 12 weeks
Checkers at 11 weeks
Checkers - at 3 weeks
Beth - Checker's sister at 3 weeks
Checkers and Beth at 3 weeks
Checkers and Beth at 4 weeks
Litter (3 days old)-Andrew and Morey's Puppies
Hobo has more pics of him at his site 
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Checkers becomes a 
Canadian Champion 
in London Ontario Canada 
Handler Mary Billman