Hobo's Beardie Chat
For Bearded Collies
CurrentlyAlways Open - But, Saturday 9 PM  and Sunday 6PM (Eastern US) are scheduled
Other days at 9PM - but always avaiable - More directons below
There have been some problems with the server. Page 1 should work for now.
We will check back when we returnfrom a trip (Jan 15) and see if we can fix the others

Server PAGE -THIS PAGE if having problems
SERVER PAGE 1 - STANDARD  Should be working Allow time for Java to load.
SAME ROOM -  has sounds but may be slower if they are playing (plus enters a different way so might work when the other doesn't sometimes)
JAVA is on port 7000

Can't Handle Java - Then read below
Special note: Java does not transfer those nasty trojan (some people say
(virus) files.  You are safe here. If you use mIRC (as below instructions)
then don't accept or  automatically recieve files from people you don't know.
Just use common sense.  Or get an antivirus program which protects you on the internet.


To get into the chat from webtv you have to go to the home page and click on "Community".  Then click on Chat.  That will bring up the screen where you put the irc.webmaster.com
the port 6667 or 7000 (try each) and the name of the chat....
#Hobo_Bearded_ Collie and you'll be there.

Don't have Java then - You can also join the chat using any IRC client to connect to irc.webmaster.com, Port 6667 and join the
channel. But read all below

For Security They are making users coming in with software like mIRC, Pirch, etc. (not through the webpage) register their nickname before going to rooms (except for the ones they monitor like the help rooms). That is for security as these programs are capable of doing lots of nasty things. Makes it a lot safer place.

mIRC, Pirch, IRCLE, etc. users must register a nickname. Here is how to do that (is simple).

1. First switch to a nickname not being used or registered

/nick whatever

meaning use any nickname not already registered or already in use

2. then type

/nickserv password email@email.com

where you just make up a password and substitute your email address

3. You will get back an email within 15 minutes, and it will tell you what to do from mIrc, etc.

Once you do that you are registered, but still have to identify yourself /nickserv identify password

or you could log out (/quit) and then log back in with the nickname and password as that identifies you.

This is something that webmaster, webchat, and more are doing now if you use a program other than coming through the web page (doesn't matter what room). It identifies abusers. Those coming through the webpage do not have to worry about that sort of thing.
Check out -info where to get Chat Client Software? - Click Here

Download one from

UPDATED LIST of chat software
If you don't like using Java or are not using windows.



Note: AOL and Windows 95 should work from this page -e if you use your web browser like Netscape 3+ or Internet Explorer 3.01+


If you are using Windows 95 or 95 and AOL 3 or 4 then any 32 bit irc client will work.  Download one from

AOL Users: Use Port 7000 at irc.webmaster.com
Then Look for #Hobo_Bearded_Collie channel

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