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PHOTOS from the 98 BCCA Specialty
and others from BD-L members

The List is located at:
EMAIL Madeleine and Bill Gray   - 
List Administrator or

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List Members (People Owned By Beardies)

Michele & Larry Abramson MICLA KENNELS - Dedicated to the Love of Beardies
Chantal Andrew - Chaniam Kennel - Florida
Yumiko & Takashi Aoyagi - Daisy's Page.   Learn about beardies in Japan from Daisy's page. Japan 
Ian and Gillian Baldock - Oakcrest Bearded Collies - Australia
Brad Barden and Farleigh.  Don't forget to check out Gusto's Rainbow Bridge page while you are there - The memory of Gusto prompted Brad to join the Beardies-l and search for a beardie - who has now joined the family.
Sanjin Barkovic Vatea`s Wendy The Winner (Wendy's Page) -Croatia
Denise Barley's Beardie Photo Album - Scotland
Toby Biller - Kamelott Kennels
Mazie Blanks - Meet Mazie's beardies, get an update on Houdini, and see some special features with dozens of pictures of beardies you may know.
Lu and Jerry Bergen - Breezy's page
Lisa Blotcher - Oliver's Brownies
Rod & Laura Brooker - Maddy's Page - Florida
Lisa & Tim Brack, Ruatha Beardies  Southern Highlands, NSW, Australia
Sussie & Carl  Borgström - Boomtown Bearded Collie - Lots of herding photos!  Mörrum (near Karlshamn), Sweden
Harriet Brouwer -
PLUSBEAUS bearded collies

Gill & Alan Burfitt - Breaksea Beardies - pictures of the whole bunch and of  Anglesey, North Wales  UK
Sarah Burgess - Storm the Beardie -
Amber Carpenter - Connemara Bearded Collies
Donna Claude - MacKerras Kennel - meet Cora
Valerie Clerc -Dewsbury'sBearded Collies
Bernd Dauphin -Willowmore - Germany
Jaroslava & Roman Dejmkovi (Dejmek) - Old Tapis - Czech Republic
Karen & Jeff D'Elia  Livingston, NJ
Clara J. Del Valle -Gisselle - Michigan USA
Marc Dionne, Lori Johnston and Emilie
Pam Douglas - Llanddona Beardies and Australian Terriers
- New Zealand
Malgorzata (Margaret) Figas - Smartness -
Kathleen Flannigan - Anasazi Products for Pets
Kelvin Faulkner and Cathie Whittaker - Barkly Bearded Collies - UK
Greg Flores

Lois and John Gaspar - WINDHEATH Bearded Collies
Ron Glorie - Beardie Stacey - Netherlands
Jacqueline Gaulin and Jester
Bob Gleason & Carol Ulrich
- CaRob Bearded Collies
Carol Gold - Ragmopp

Imke Groenier - Braemoor's Bearded Collies - Netherlands
Molly Gross and Max
Penny Hanigan -Brigadoon Bearded Collies - PA
Wanda Hathcock
- Shelties and a Beardie
Annika Haavisto - Holy Smoke Beardies - Finland
Kriszta & Attila Heger - Wookiee Gang Beardies, Hungary
Candy Hepner - Woodsong Bearded Collies
Maria Heneke - (in memory of Marlene Pritchard) Westmilwunda Bearded Collies & Lhasa Apsos (South Africa)

Tracy Hill - Gusto's Page (rescue)

Wendy Hines - Ramsgrove Bearded Collies -UK
Ann & Michael Hughes
- Cabo Bunny

Nicole Idzi - pictures page
Annette Innes - Hashima Kennels NSW Australia

Darthe Jennings - Cat's Out where you will find byGeorge
Sari Johansson Kilchoan's bearded collies - Poju, Morris, Siri and Ida each have theior own page
Meridith Katz - Mayhem Kennels
Putney's home page Owned by Minnna and Pertti Kellomäki -(Finland) 
Johanna Korpijaakko -Ladydale's Bearded Collies Lady´s and Lupu´s homepages - Finland
Charlotte Laning - Old Smugglers
Joel Levinson- Maintains Pedigree Data Base,  also has a link page where you can add-a-link for beardie and dog topics.Also has Beardies-l Demographics Form and BeardieHerd-l Roster Form.
John Livesey - John, Nic and Jack Bearded Collie ("Beardie") web page UK
Lisa Keogh - Bow Wow Shop
Alexandria and Oliver Leuker- Germany
Micke & Cicci Lund -Charlie, Goofy and Faxe - Sweden
Hobbe Lundahl - Rebellion Art - Scania
Marlene Lundmark - Kolingen's Bearded Collie Sweden
Susan B. Lybrand Brandmar Kennels
Elba Bruno Magnasco - Rebaño Escosas - Spain
Christine Magnuson Opus - a tribute
Val Maloney - Showstopper Gifts
Barbara and Don Marshall - Donbarlen Beardies - MA
Susanne Martin -   Odenwald Germany
Sandy McDonald - Moonstone Beardies - VA
Beth McKenny and Calvin and Joshua
Sean McMahon - The Angus Diary on the Striding Edge - England UK
Wendy Mitchell - art page on Pitcure Trail

 Ivana and Hrvoje Mohorko -Aja - Croatia
Sherry Morrow - in Michgan
Serge Molinier - Des Beardies en Provence - France
George Moulton

Veronique Munro - the SnoopySite
Karen Norteman -Duncan the Wonder Beardie, and Dougaland of cource Byrna -Special Herding, Rescue and Recipe Sections.
Martin Oldham and PamThomson - Fergus (the F files) UK
Leslie & MIke Papa -  Papaw Bearded Collies - NY, USA
Wade Pelton - Rowdie and Dallas - TX
Merv and Kathy Perry - Sheiling - Canada
Dörthe and Udo Peters - The Spirit of Spring, Emden, Germany
Gary Phillips & Simon
Merv. and Cathy Perry - Permanently Registered Kennels, Tara Ontario Canada.
Cheryl Poliak and Steve Klinger - Nonesuch Bearded Collies (wisconsin)

Robert Pollina - Fred and Calvin
Linda Porter - Tweeddale Bearded Collies
Raintree Bearded Collies- Robert Lamm and Lesley Woodcock
Ann Rambaud and Ray Salmon - Sheepie Hollow - Vancouver Island, CA

Caroline & Sven Ranze Highland Wizzard - Germany

Joel & Elizabeth Rittvo and Tequila
Corinne Robbe
Arlene Rubenstein - Showstyle
dog supplies, etc.
Mireille Ruinart - France
Cristina Sala - Shaleemar bearded collies - Spain
Silke Sander - Bonny and Clyde's Bearded Collies
Anthony Scarfone - Meet Buddy the Bearded Collie a Champion - Canada Literacy (Ch. LD) dog who helps kids to write and  read.
Nils Schäfer, Buddy and Peggy Sue - Simply Strong Bearded Collies - Geesthacht / Germany (near by the city of Hamburg)
Don Schild -Oliver and Rogue
Mia Sedgwick - Lochmoor Beardies - Australia
Dianne Shannon - Arcadia
Nicholas Shyshuk Lacey's Home Page
Glenn Short and Hobo -hundreds of beardie links, and stories. 
....... Also Checkers (separate site)
and Rags
Kathleen Shumaker - Wndy and Yeti
David Simmons- now has Murray
Keitha Smith Tailwinds Bearded Collies
Steve Soskin - Beardies and Poetry
Dawn and Shannon Symes - Aberlour Bearded Collies - Michigan USA
Dianne & Bill Vigeant - and here (older) see Scooch, Boogie and Shadow
Bill & Cindy Volk -Cuthbert Kennels - West Cummington, MA
Marie-José & Jos Volkers - Babbacombe Bearded Collies - Netherlands
Chris Walkowicz and Walkoway Beardies & Dog Books
John Wilkins- MacLean and Company -( really nice artwork) and you can meet Jamie too
Ann Witte - Artisan Beardies
Gregory Dodge Wollon - Friendship Bearded Collies - MD
Diane Wynen - Madigan Bearded Collies and Wyndian Canine Crafts - Canada
Donna and Michael Zapin - and Dale (Beardie) - NYC

Organizations, Clubs and Information 


Bearded Collie Club of Central Florida 
Bearded Collie Club of Maine
Bearded Collie Club of Southern California 
Bearded Collie Club of the Golden West
Carolinas Bearded Collie Club
Chicagoland Bearded Collie Club
Garden State Bearded Collie Clan (GSBCC) Club membership is drawn primarily from Central and Northern New Jersey.
Great Lakes Bearded Collie Club
Great Plains Bearded Collie Club
Minuteman Bearded Collie Club

National Capital Bearded Collie Club
Northern California Bearded Collie Fanciers
Northwest Bearded Collie Club 

Bearded Collie Club of Canada
The Bearded Collie Club - in the UK
The Bearded Collie Club of Scotland
CZECH Bearded Collie Club - (Klub chovatelu bearded kolií)
Finnish Bearded Collie Club
(Suomen Partacolliet ry- Finlands Bearded Collies r.f.) 
French Association of Bearded Collie
Bearded Collie Club of South Africa

Bearded Collie Foundation for Health - Elsa Sell - and BeaCon
Bearded Collie Rescue Page -Karen Norteman
Note - for rescue see also club pages (ie BCCA)

BOW Calendar

BAD - Beardie Agility Diehards
Herding With Your Beardie Email List
Just for the Fun of Beardies - a New England group that even has its own email list for activities in that area.

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