Unofficial description of the Bearded Collie or Beardie by a Beardie owner.
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Bearded Collie - reasons you may not want to own one (or have it own you)

So you may want a Bearded Collie. You have seen some really cute puppies, or the wonderful graceful adult Beardie on TV or in a book or magazine. You are told they are wonderful with people, kids and even other animals. But - here we are listing off reason you may not want a Bearded Collie. Why? Because the cute puppy grows up. You may not have the background or temperament to own this dog breed. Do you know what you are getting into? Did you investigate the breed, and if you did - did you really read those little comments sometimes quickly said but not wanting to give a bad impression of the breed. As a herding breed, the Bearded Collie has some built in traits. As a breed, it has some characteristics. How often I have heard, with fondness, the Beardie owner laughing at how the 50 pound bouncing pet of theirs herds the kids, cats, other dogs - all the while leaving behind a trail of hair or mud. Or how their wonderful pet managed to outsmart them. We Beardie owners love these stories, we have experienced them ourselves. We have the right temperament or have taken the necessary time and training to become worthy of being owned by our Beardie. If you are reading this you are already making a good decision to educate yourself about the breed - congratulations. You should do this with any breed you are thinking of owning and many of these cautions apply to many other breeds as well.

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