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The Beardies-L is a list dedicated to the Bearded Collie dog breed. The list is available and free to all who wish to communicate on the topic of Bearded Collies. Note - BeardieList Administrator or   For those who do not understand how Internet Lists operate, a brief explanation follows: 

You must subscribe to gain access or your e-mail will simply bounce. The list automatically recognizes your e-mail address. It is as simple as that

The beardies-l is administered by Madeleine and Bill Gray. There are other people who monitor the e-mail and will notify you if you stray away from the topic. The topic is just about anything to do with Beardies. This is where you will gain information on Beardie activities, problems, health, products, fun, events, breeding, where to find a Beardie, your Beardie relatives, births and sometimes deaths of Beardies. You can share feelings and support others or receive the same. 

The Purpose of the BeardieList Beardie Owners Page

The reason this page exists is to provide a place on the World Wide Web where pages owned by members of the BeardieList can be discovered and jumped to through links. 

  • As a rule - only pages of BeardieList members and Beardie related clubs and organizations and services will be listed. 
  • Exceptions may include: those who contribute some service to the Beardie community; exceptional pages on Beardie topics, Children's pages; and pages of persons who intend to join the beardies-l. 
A second purpose for this page is to provide those members with a place they can come and find related and helpful information. 
  • Faqs and helpful hints (included within this site)
  • Pictures and information developed by BeardieList members (included within this site)
  • Clubs and organizations 
  • Informational pages 
  • The BeardieList f Pictures
  • Links to the other BeardieList pages - this one is the Beardies Owners' Page. Others are themselves sources of information activities and data base resources. 
A third purpose for this page is to provide a place where you can sign up to the BeardieList or where you can request a link.

A fourth purpose is to provide BeardieList members a place to summarize a discussion that has occurred on the BeardieList or another important (or fun) topic they feel should be saved for the general internet community. This is currently a new area, so it may be some time before actual summaries appear. It should also be noted that some of the members pages already cover these topics and thus it is expected that members who do not have pages may use this area more frequently. These topics should be e-mail to for consideration and publication here.

What this page will not do

We are not attempting to duplicate the efforts of other who's primary purpose is Beardie links, or special Beardie topics. Those pages will be noted so you can jump there for more information. Therefore, you will not see an exhaustive list of all the Beardie pages on the net (they exist on other pages we will help direct you to). 

We will not list every page that is requested for a link - (unless you are a Beardie-l member) 

We will not link any pages with unacceptable content. This entire site is rated Safe for Family viewing. 

There will not be an exhaustive listing of all the dog pages and commercial pages on the net. 

We will not accept advertising. Occasionally there may be a web tool that requires a link attached. The link will only be used if it is informational, but not used if it is commercial.. 

We will not attempt to have the latest web design techniques but will stick to making a page that is easily read by all who care to find out more about Beardies. Likewise we will not attempt to load this page down with an excessive amount of graphics and sounds - as we wish to make your visit here quick and easy. Only those graphics which will make your visit pleasant will be used, and then they will be compatible with the majority of browsers and have small download size (optimized). The result is that there will be a limited number. The occasional exceptions to the above would be those place on a separate page and a warning given. Again, many of the linked pages will offer you the entertainment and we will let you know where it can be found.

Final Comment

The intention is to provide web pages that meet the needs and wishes of the BeardieList. Due to the use of BeardieList, we are also governed by the owners of the BeardieList and will follow their direction and gain their approvals. This FAQ may change without prior notice to meet these needs. The pages are provided as a voluntary activity of the current author. Content should be considered the property of the BeardieList. Graphics and backgrounds are copyrighted as noted and all rights are reserved on behalf of the BeardieList. 

We thank L. Gail Price who started Beardies-L which is now known as BeardieList

Note - BeardieList name is operated by Madeleine and Bill Gray.    The pages at this site are maintained separately for the list members

Glenn D. Short

Last updated January 3, 1997 

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