Following are some of the terms that you will encounter using the Internet.

First a note: Read the inclusion topic if you don't read anything else. Remember that badwidth (you can look it up under terms below) costs someone money. In this case we are talking about the List Owner who has to pay to store all your precious notes in the archives. So don't put the entire content of the note you are responding to in your reply. Maybe just a few words so we know what the topic was (if it isn't apparent from the "subject"). And maybe the person's name "Jane wrote > about beardie tantrums " then our reply. Some of the other thing here - especially in the first section - are just for fun. But remember, if the others on the list haven't read this they may not have a clue to what your Acronym means. I think most the smiles below are self explanatory. The final sections on Terms may be helpful if you are new to the WWW.
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List, USENET and E-mail Techniques and Expressions

Common TERMS
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USENet - Newsgroup or List Common terms

General Terms
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