BEARDIES-L Member Photos
Photos of Beardies-L members were taken at the 1998 BCCA Specialty unless noted with  *
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* Jaime Short and Emmet
CLICK HERE Darthe Merrill Jennings and George
George and Sheep - Photo by Sue Cassidy
CLICK HERE Darthe and George 2
(photo by Yvonne Mulcaster)
Click Here* John Jacobson with Winnie (black) and little Austin
CLICK HERE * Denise Barley (Scotland) with Jamie, Kiri, Pippa and Mull 
CLICK HERE Larry and Michelle Abramson
(photo by Yvonne Mulcaster)
CLICK HERE Mazie Blanks and Glenn Short (with Checkers)
(photo by Jo Anne Short)
CLICK HERE Mazie (left), Mike with Lakota, Marilynn Snook (right) with Nikomah
(photo by Yvonne Mulcaster)
CLICK HERE Mike and Wendy Smith (from England)
(photo by Yvonne Mulcaster)
CLICK HERE Walter and Jean Kennedy with Breena and Truffles
(photo by Yvonne Mulcaster)
CLICK HERE* Sue Cassidy and Pepper
Images are copyright protected  - permission has been granted to Beardies-L
dig_beardie.gif copyright 1998 G. D. Short
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