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Hobo's Journal Page 2
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Hi, I wanted to keep some of you posted as to how I am doing. I will update this from time to time with a new story of things happening in my life. Most recent happenings first - so look at the bottom for my birth date, etc.
December 31, 1998 - Just a note of thanks -  we had over 10,300 visitors to the Christmas Story this year, and over 51,100 visitors to our pages in 1998.  Most people that have sent email say we should just keep doing what we are doing.  We hope to add lots of new things to do this year.  Hobo has always tried to keep the pages so everyone can read them - that means, we have been watching to see how many old browsers are being used to view the pages.  There are very few older versions now (netscape 2 and earlier) - so we feel a little more comfortable adding some special pages with things like Java - but we will try to let you know when you are about to enter those pages as we add them.  HAPPY NEW YEAR

December 9, 1998 - It is almost Christmas time.  So I have been getting ready and made updates to my Christmas Links and added a few new graphics - updated others.  I wanted to tell those of you who do not celebrate Christmas that we are thinking about your too.  The idea of Christmas or the "Holidays" for me is to celebrate all the good things in life.  This is everything from being happy to enjoying your friends and family.  Us beardies love family and the companionship of our humans.  So, please, everyone enjoy this time of year in your own way.  Some will celebrate a traditional Christmas, others Hanukkah, or whatever makes you feel happy or fulfills your life.  We wish you a Happy Holiday.

November 1, 1998 - I went a whole month without writing to my Journal.  A couple weeks ago I hurt myself.  I tore off about a one inch by two inch piece of my scalp - fur and skin on my head - and also had cuts on my nose.  I went to the vet and they are now better.  I still don't have hair in that place.  No one knows what happened.  I don't remember.  It looked like I just ran into something - like maybe the deck stairs.  Or maybe it was from that animal I was trying to catch.  It is still nice outside, a little cooler as fall arrives.  The boats are out of the water - but Checkers and I still swim and then get muddy.  Just think, it will snow soon.

September 30, 1998 - Last weekend Checkers, my 10 month old beardie brother (by adoption) and I went to the regional BCCA event in Ann Arbor Michigan.  Checkers, as a puppy, was able to compete in the sweepstakes.  He came in Best of Opposite Sex.  Which means a female won and he came in second.  That is a real nice accomplishment - as there were so many really nice beardies competing.  I came in 4th in the open category for the boys (they call us dogs) - regular competition, and was happy.  We are now headed off to Boston to experience the BCCA National Specialty.  Hope to see lots of our beardie buds there.  Learn more about the BCCA.  Be sure to come back!

September 15, 1998 - Hi everyone.  Well, I am up to 3 points in the US and 6 in Canada!  Not bad for your everyday beardie huh? I have always said, I do the shows for the experience - there are so many great beardies out there that do it for the fame (like my brother Checkers).  Humans should try it for the fun.  One thing I would like to share is the excitement factor.  When you win, your humans give you all sorts of treats.  But, you beardies should know that you have to get up early, often no food until you show, and often your tummy gets upset and you get dire rears.  The dire rears are from the change in schedule from your normal routine.  I don't want my beardie buds to think that I have changed my priorities.  I am still mostly concerned with finding and sharing information with my pals on the net.  How better to do it than experience it for yourself?  We are going to the regional and national specialties in a couple weeks - then maybe I can relax.  It has been a good summer.  Even with my busy schedule, I have enjoyed the lake and boating with my humans (most beardies who show would never think of swimming - but I do, almost every day.

August 20, 1998  Ok Ok, I know I haven't written to my Journal in a long time.  You see, I have been busy.  My brother (by adoption) Checkers and I have been on the show circuit.  I have done OK.  I got a Best of Winners at the Jaxon/Sturgis shows.  So now I have 2 points in the US and 3 in Canada.  Not bad considering I didn't show until I was 18 months old.  My brother has done fantastic.  Checkers - Fox Lane's Grand Master - is a Champion as of his 9 month birthday on August 16, 1998!  Also, we both went to the BCCC specialty in Scarborough Canada, and Checkers got a 1st place in Junior Puppy Dog.  We will continue to show, maybe a bit more in Canada and some in the US (where Checkers now has to compete with the big boys as a "special" in the Best of Breed competition.)  Meanwhile, we are having fun on the lake, swimming and boating... funny .. show dogs aren't supposed to do that as they mess up their coats .. but it is fun first around here.  I am so proud of Checkers.  He got his championship by winning 3 majors!  And he did it in less than 3 months (actually much less as we took a whole month off and a couple more weeks in Canada.  For me, it is kind of an experience thing.. so I can tell my buds all about this type of activity.  Maybe I will try herding next .. maybe agility .. maybe just play and be the best friend to my humans (especially the kids).

July 13, 1998  I had a great 4th of July.  Hope you all liked my fireworks display.  I was actually at a show in Canada from July 3 to 6.  Guess what?  my first major win in conformation came in Canada on July 6, I won best of winners and got 3 Canadian points.  Dad was proud because there were a few US champions in my class, trying to get their Canadian points.  Then, Checkers and I were supposed to go to a show July 11 and 12, but we both came down with dire rears and had to skip it.  Now we won't show for almost a month.  My true love is the lake in the summer - so that doesn't bother me.  The showing is just for fun, and so I can share the experience and things I learn with my beardie buddies.

July 4, 1998 - Happy Independence Day!

June 14, 1998  Gosh, I entered a show again, this time in Traverse City.  I won the open class on June 14.  No points, but it was fun.  Checkers got Best of Breed Puppy and a Group 2 puppy on June 13, then won his first major (4 points) on June 14 by getting Winner's Dog.  We all had fun with the GLBCC in Traverse City Michigan, where the club held a picnic and even had Saturday proclaimed Bearded Collie Day in the City.

June 10, 1998  Hey guys, I entered a show June 6 and got Winner's Dog ( a point).  Most of you know that this is not my career, just a part time hobby.  But we had fun, and I feel proud.  My little adopted brother Checkers got Winners dog the next day - not bad for a 6 month old puppy.  We were proud of him too.

May 29, 1998 Panic Moment - Dad came home yesterday after picking up some shampoo for Checkers and I.  He went downstairs, where there is now a nice little set up for bathing and grooming (going to put the stuff away).  On the floor was a large puddle of water - still getting larger (fortunately not much reaching the new carpet area). This would not in itself be a panic moment.  But - there was a guy outside power washing the brick and front porch - with muriatic acid
(Hydrochloric Acid for the non chemists).  Then my older human brother said "I saw the water, but thought the sewer was backing up," and that "Checkers was laying in the water about 10 minutes ago."  Dad yelled to tell the guy to stop, grabbed Checkers, and gave Checkers a long bath with lots of water.  Checkers looked normal, no signs of chemical burns.  Dad dried him off and went out to talk to the supervisor of the contractor that was now standing by to find out what the problem was.  The contractor said - "sorry about the water, we must have power washed out the sealant by the house... and oh, we haven't used the acid yet - just clear fresh water with a little dish soap." Checkers is real clean now. This reminded dad that there are lots of potential hazards for us dogs.

May 26, 1998  Got to brag for my brother Checkers.  He turned 6 months on the 16th and was in his show this past weekend.  He got 4 blue ribbons in the puppy class and 2 Reserve Winner's Dog ribbons (coming in second to the winner's dog).  Nice start for the little guy.  Hope it doesn't go to his head.

May 17th  Lots of Cake and ice Cream and presents for my 2nd Birthday.  Hope you had a chance to see my B-Day cards.

May 1, 1998  Hey guys and gals, Checkers and I had a great time at "A walk in the Woods" where we stayed while our humans visited Florida.  Nice place, nice people and lots of dogs to play with.  BUT - we had to show our humans that they can't take us for granted.  The day after we got back, we ran away two times.  The first time we broke out of our ex-pen, Checkers worked the locks and I pushed the door open.  Mom was up early and noticed we were gone.  Humans caught us two times and called the house, but we had escaped before mom got there.  Finally a human caught Checkers, mom got him, and I got away again - I found a female Siberian Husky who was in heat.  When mom got there, I stayed and got caught.  Mom took us home and tied up the door on the ex-pen.  Dad came out to see us.  But he hadn't talked to mom yet (mom was resting).  Dad said, "who tied up this pen?"  and he opened it up.  He then turned around to get some coffee - and off we were for our second escape of the day.  What great fun!  This time we went a different direction.  We were caught by some humans - and escaped again.  Humans don't realize we can open doors.  But this time dad came real quick, and caught us at a building site.  Checkers was in a mud pond, I was... well.. the builders had a female Border Collie (in heat).  I want to tell you that nothing happened with those girls.  They pushed me away.  Since then we had another funny thing happen - read on...

The other day, our older human brother Carlton was walking us.  We were on leashes (always leashes these days.. I wonder why?)  We went by the lake, Checkers was looking in the water and all of a sudden SPLASH he dove in!  He came leaping out with a 10 inch perch in his mouth.  It was flapping, and Checkers gave it a big snap!

April 11, 1998  Well, Checkers and I are about to have our first time away from our humans.  We are going to "A Walk in the Woods" while the humans are in Florida.  I can tell it is coming up fast because the house sitters came by today (they don't watch dogs).  I have something to tell, that YOU might find funny.  I didn't and neither did dad at the time.  We were driving in the car yesterday - just Dad, my human brother Carlton, me and Checkers.  Well, Checkers and I were in the back seat, dad had the window cracked open just a bit.  I had my nose out the window.  Then I figured out how to work the power window.  Down it went, and out the window went my head... ahhh..  a cool breeze.  Then I hit the switch the wrong way, up came the window.  It squeezed my neck.  I screamed - dad said it sounded like a human scream (real loud).  Dad and Carlton tried like mad to open the window (we were on the highway), and finally got it open .  People were all looking from their cars at us.  I laid down.  Checkers was sitting by the whole time.  It must have really upset him.  Dad had pulled over and stopped the car.  Checkers got real sick to his stomach.  He vomited.  Right into the air vent in the back seat (you know where the heat and cold air come from??)  The smelly stuff ran down into the vent, and the whole car started smelling really bad - Yuk.  Once my dad found out I was OK, we went home.  I know, Checkers and I should have been in a crate, but there is no room in dad's car for a crate.

March 21, 1998  I have so much to tell you. First, I am sorry I have been away and not updating my pages the last three weeks.  My humans are moved into the new house.  Now they are buying furniture and trying to get the contractor to finish the new house (nice to have bathrooms that work).  Dad has also gotten busy, helping others mostly and making a list of all those Beardie Owners and their Beardies on the Beardies-L  If you don't know what that is Click Here.  It is supposed to be Spring, but it is snowing here real heavy (Near Detroit MI).  Personally I like snow.  And so does my new adopted brother Checkers.  He is about 17 weeks old now and getting bigger.  But most of all I wanted to tell you I was at the Cobo Hall show in Detroit.  I got a Blue ribbon on March 7 and 8.  But other beardies got the winners class.  That is OK, I was just there for fun and to see all my Beardie buds.  Fergi got some points on March 7.  Dad ripped his pants on March 8.  That became Infamous.  The whole back end of his pants ripped.  He didn't have to take me into the ring, Mary Billman handled me.  But he was holding all the other Beardies she was showing - bringing them to her.  He got some safety pins (or else they would have kicked him out).  She then asked him if he would take one of the girls in the ring, because she had several who made it to the winners - but dad got another member of the GLBCC to do it.  He didn't want the kids watching to see his whites (if he bent over).  I hope summer comes soon, now I have a lake all the time to swim in.  I have to teach Checkers (But I bet he won't be allowed to much because he is going to be in a lot of shows this summer). There is a new advice article on my advice page.  Later Buds.

February 26, 1998  We are getting ready to move into the new house.  So I will be away from being able to update my pages for the next week.  It is a nice house, lots of room for me and Checkers to play.  Checkers is getting bigger fast.  But he still follows me around all the time.  That's OK but he like to grab my tail or my ear - that hurts.  He went to conformation class (for show) with me Wednesday night.  He does real good.  I think he wants to be a show dog and he thinks that is his place to be.  He just does everything like a big dog.  I am going to be at Cobo Hall March 7&8 at the Detroit Kennel Club show.  I think there will be 31 beardies entered.  I am going for fun.  There are lots of handsome and beautiful beardies being shown there.  Like my bud Fergi (from Canada).  We just want the experience, and to see our buds.

February 8, 1998  Checkers and I went to a Match in Ann Arbor Michigan.  Checkers got a first place ribbon (and he is 12 weeks old that day).  I got Best of Breed and 4th in the herding group.  There were hundreds of dogs there it seemed.  No points, just for fun.  Mary Billman, my breeder handled me and Checkers.  Dad handled Checkers too, because Mary had another puppy (girl) and they had to go in together.  Checkers looked like he was at home in the ring.  I wanted to bark, cause there was a girl close by who was in heat.  The judge said I would have done better in the herding group if I had behaved myself.  Still, I think I did pretty good.  Keep in mind that showing is only a fun thing for me, and this was only my second time.  I think Checkers is supposed to be a show dog, and he must know it.  He thinks he is great, he has an attitude like he was supposed to be the best or something.

January 31, 1998 - WOW!!  I have a new Beardie Brother.  His name is Checkers.  He was bred by Mary Billman of Foxlane Bearded Collies.  We just brought him home.  He is cute - but I had to put him in his place.  He wanted to take over the whole house.  He is also very handsome - he even is going to be in a puppy match next week (and he is only 11 weeks old).  I'm going too, maybe I can get a little experience.  Checkers has his own page, so you can follow his progress.  I haven't much to tell you yet about Checkers - he just arrived in our home.  His dad is Andrew and Mom is Morey.  Andrew is famous - you can see him in my media section.

January 25,1998 - I have to tell you about my dad Glenn.  He went to the Novi MI Show last week (16th-17th).  He went to help out my breeder who was showing several dogs (almost all girls).  He was to hold leashes while Mary went in and out of the ring.  She told him to bring his suit coat.  When the day arrived, dad helped with the final grooming ( a little brushing here and there), holding a few beardie leashes and so on.  But Mary won most of the events and had several of her little lady beardies go to the finals for the girl beardies (we don't use the B word even though it is correct for dogs as we have to maintain our family rating).  Mary gave dad a number - and urged him into the ring.  She couldn't handle all those beardies at once.  So dad had his first day in the ring - no training, and little asking about what to do.  It was a new experience.  His little beardie didn't win, but dad came out a different person.  Same thing happened the next day.  Dad said he didn't do as well cause his beardie wanted to sniff when she should have been standing pretty.  Dad had no clue as how to stack her (make her stand pretty).  But everyone made dad feel good, they said he looked good in the ring.  The result was that last Wednesday night dad took me to conformation classes (that is where you learn how to show dogs in the ring - where they compete to see who looks best and has the nicest movement and physical structure).  Dad is learning that there is a lot more to showing than just running around a ring.  I am having a good time trying to make dad's experience a good learning experience.  I can't act too good if he is going to learn.. can I??  Even so, dad said he would do it for fun, but if it comes to trying to get a champion title (Ch.) in front of a Beardie’s name, he would leave it to the experienced handlers - like Mary.

January 11. 1998 - Ok, I know it has been awhile.  How time flies.  It is a new year.  We are still waiting for that new beardie to be adopted into our family.  he looks pretty good, but the breeder is being careful as she wants us to get an extra special little guy.  He is healthy, a little on the small side, maybe about 10 days behind the normal growth stage.  We'll keep you posted as it might be in a week or two.  I had a great holiday, and received lots of email I have been answering.  Thanks to all who sent the notes, and some of my buds who sent cards.  I got lots of new chew toys, a little lamb, a snowman, three of my buds sent me a lighted collar for nighttime.  Dad says I am going through another awkward stage with my fur, it can't decide if it wants to be adult coat or not - looking good on the shoulders.  Remember, I won't be two until May.  I have avoided many baths - because it has been raining for a couple weeks - just go outside and gets washed off.  Now it is getting cold again.  Dad is keeping me well groomed - somehow I still manage to get sticky sometimes.  And, I have a huge appetite - I eat more than dad does some days.

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