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Bearded Collie Tobaco Cards
Note: we do not sell these. This is for your information only. We don't even have all of these ourselves.
But maybe it will help you sort your collection.
Many of the old prints are sepia - and therefore make it
difficult to tell the breed. But these are what people collect. (more coming as we scan our own)



1901 Ogdens War Series
Major Richardson and his war dogs
"War Dog messenger recieving his dispatch"


1925 Joseph A. Pattreiouex LTD
Junior Member Cigarette Series size 3" x 2¼ "
Casket Cigarettes - Critic Cigarettes
Junior Member Cigarette Series

This one is questionable

1931 (thru 33) J MILLHOFF & Co
2nd series of 27 #26

1932 J Millhoff & Co
3rd Series of 27 #3 (or 5?)
"The Idle Rich

1932 J Millhoff & Co
3rd Series of 27 #22
"Heads and Tails"

De Reszke
Real Photographs 5th series of 27 #26

1936 CavendarsAnimal Studies
( with flatcoat retriever)
Also seen in the
J Millhoff&Co 2nd series of 27 #23
Note: on left is possibly a mix
on right looks more Beardie


1938 Gallaher's Second Series


1950s Dutch
United Tobacco Agencies