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Bearded Collie Post Cards
Note: we do not sell these. This is for your information only. We don't even have all of these ourselves.
But maybe it will help you sort your collection.
Many of the old prints are sepia - and therefore make it
difficult to tell the breed. But these are what people collect. (more coming as we scan our own)

1882 Greeting Card

1903 wrenchseries1877
Also about 1920 -(printed in Saxony)


1903 wrenchseries1874

Early 1900s (1905 to 1907?)
"Tired Out" - Rapco Series 300 F
(Regal Art Productions - UK)


1906 (Britain)
A bit questionable

(and 1910 varied with oval border as the "mixed lot")
Postcard (Britain)
with scottie and rough collie

1908 "Towser" (AU)

1909 Postcard (England)
Actor Martin Harvey
with Skye Terrier and Beardie
#4229 E Rotary Photo - Ellis &Walery

1910 British Postcard

1910? German Postcard
Origina von Professor A. Braith
postmarked 10 Feb 11 8-9N
Note: Orignial Painting was "Fidele" painted in 1883

about !910 Westie and Beardie
Valentines Series

1910Family - and possibly a beardie
but the size is off

1910 (?) Realphoto
note - shown later as 1927
but slight difference and mark


1910 (?) - art postcard (UK)
A Cornet Solo

1911 Merry Christmas (UK)
"There's No Tax on This"

1912 - Beardie + 2 Border (UK)