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Bearded Collie Post Cards 3
Note: we do not sell these. This is for your information only. We don't even have all of these ourselves.
But maybe it will help you sort your collection.
Many of the old prints are sepia - and therefore make it
difficult to tell the breed. But these are what people collect. (more coming as we scan our own)

1930s What's Up
If you know the exact date please let me know

1934 Birthday Card

about 1935
Walton Handy
"The Cotswold Shepherd"

Walton Handy became famous from a 1934 BBC Christmas broadcast where he was interviewed in Ilmington. He introduced King George V for his Christmas speech. But reportedly he "stole the show" with his own colorful description of the local life. He was well known in the area and became known to all as "The Cotswold Shepherd."

Walter Walton Handy Born 1870 and died in January 1951


1937- "Furhter Outlook-Unsettled

1937 Bearded Collie and Border Collie


1942 Dutch Card

Date not clear 30 -50s
Photochrom Co Ltd - Turnbridge Wells
w/ Poem by Kathleen Partridge

1950 art (British)
Florence Valter

1950 art British
Florence Valter