12 Weeks Old
Hobo is a fun brother I am growing 
Now 14.7 pounds
A couple pics  from the front
I already got a First Place Ribbon
At a Puppy Match
Her is Dad with Hobo and me Hobo got BOB and 4th in the herding Group.  Mary Billman (right) handled Hobo and me.  Dad helped too, he handled me in the breed puppy finals
Checkers at 6 months
Checkers at 5 months
Checkers at 17 weeks
Checkers at 12 weeks
Checkers at 11 weeks
Checkers - at 3 weeks
Beth - Checker's sister at 3 weeks
Checkers and Beth at 3 weeks
Checkers and Beth at 4 weeks
Litter (3 days old)-Andrew and Morey's Puppies
Hobo has more pics of him at his site 
email Checkers c/o Glenn