Here is Checkers at 11 weeks
Desire - to be a show dog Current hobbies include sleeping
His youngest adopted brothers 
Hobo (Left) & Scooter (Right)
Checkers as he gets ready to come to his new home.  With Mary Billman and his mom Morey
Checkers at 6 months
Checkers at 5 months
Checkers at 17 weeks
Checkers at 12 weeks
Checkers at 11 weeks
Checkers - at 3 weeks
Beth - Checker's sister at 3 weeks
Checkers and Beth at 3 weeks
Checkers and Beth at 4 weeks
Litter (3 days old)-Andrew and Morey's Puppies
Hobo has more pics of him at his site 
email Checkers c/o Glenn