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Hobo went inside his house and found Teddy Bear. He told Teddy about his problems with getting answers about Christmas from the Snowman. "Maybe I can help you Hobo," said Teddy. "I was just watching this TV show about Santa Claus. Christmas is about a big fat old elf named Santa who brings lots of good things called presents to good little boys and girls," he explained. Hobo asked, 

"Will I get presents too? Everybody calls me a 'Good Boy' when I do tricks and stuff." 

"You have got to be real good," replied Teddy. "For example, stop eating my food and don't chase me around the house." Hobo was suspicious of Teddy, after all Teddy was a cat*. So Hobo watched the TV movie. He decided that he must speak to Santa to get presents.

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        * Beardies like cats , but there is a certain duty that all dogs must live up to.
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