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Photos of Beardies-L members were taken at the 1998 BCCA Specialty unless noted with  *
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Roman and Jaroslava (known as Slavka) Dejmek
click here Ann Musso and Raleigh
click here Lisa Voss & Donna Long
(Photo by Ann Musso)
click here Lisa Voss & Raleigh
(Photo by Ann Musso)
Click to View* Raleigh Caught by an AP Photographer
being groomed by Debbie Schlage 
at the Alle Rasse International Dog Show
in Vallejo CA. 
(Photo sent in by Jim Sullivan - clipped from the news)
click here Irene Carson (Accepting the shorts)
(Photo by Ann Musso)
click here * Jaimie Short and Autumn (Emmett's mom, and her Juniors dog)
click here Linda Porter and Jean Jagersma in the middle in Black and White sweater
Can you Name anyone else?
(Photo by Ann Musso)
(Let me know webmaster)
click here Larry Abramson and Darcy
at the Rescue Parade
click here* Marilyn Merkel and Bentley
(wonderful white customized boy)
click for image LOBSTAH!
click for image Carol Anne Rayson adds to Bridget Howell's Lobstah pile (did she eat them all?)
click for image* Bridget Howell and Mr. Chips
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