Hobo's Visit to Ms DeRuiter's Class, K -1
Plymouth Elementary School, Midland, MI

Hobo visited with Ms DeRuiter's Class in February 1997. The class was studying the letter "T" so Hobo demonstrated his Tricks and recieved Treats. The class later made a book called "All about Hobo" First you will see pictures and then some of the kids comments.

Hobo demonstrates "down"Class Photo

(of course Hobo can sit pretty)

After a Question-Answer session 

Hobo gave a kiss to each student

Comments by the class as found in "All about Hobo"

Jeremy - Hobo is Scott's dog. Ginger is my pet. Hobo counted four. Hobo barked four times.

Kyle - Hobo had treats and did tricks. I think Hobo was a good dog. Hobo can count. He counted to four.

Sarah - He made dog tricks. Hobo was laying down.

Jerimiah - He gets treats.

Jessica - Hobo is a dog.

Scott - He stand up. He likes treats. He sits down. He happy. He likes to go outside in the back yard.

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