WINTER 97 - 98

Me with Checkers 
by my favorite 
cool door at 
our old house 

January 98
A Match February 8,1998

Some of these were too dark
But I put them here anyway
Glenn & Mary with the beardies
Pictured are dad and Mary Billman
(Mary did most of the handling)

Here I am Stacking 
Mary Billman my handler
And going around the ring
Matches are for fun - not for points
We are done.  I got a Best of Breed 
and 4th in the Herding Group
The Judge hands mary the Ribbon 
(While I check out the crowd)
we had a great time

The girl on the left is a puppy 
named Charlie - she won the Beardie Puppy class and was handled by Mary too.

Another picture from the ring 
(while we were waiting)
make sure you check out Checker's Page too
- my adopted brother won a ribbon too