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Welcome to my advice column.  Remember, I am only a dog like you.  My opinions are to the best of my knowledge but are only opinions, researched or what I feel is correct..  The writer of this page is not responsible for any actions the reader may take as a result of reading this column.  If that is OK with you, keep reading.  If not, then go back and enjoy the other pages.You can address your questions to Hobo by email with the topic Hobo's Advice (click on my picture) 
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Vet - Ear Itches
Dear Hobo - how often should I go see the vet? My ear itches sometimes and mom says I have been dull lately. How about right now?  Seriously, you should see the vet if something continues to bother you and your humans can't seem to figure it out.  It might be an ear infection.  Most vets recommend an annual check up, even if you aren't having problems.  A trip to the good 'ol doc might save you some aggravation in the future.  Then there are those (yuck) shots we need to keep up with.  Your vet will check you head to toe.  How are your eyes, ears, teeth, weight and so on?  Did you know that some serious things like cancer and heart disease can afflict dogs too?  An early diagnosis can help you get treatment before it gets out of control.  Or, you could just have clean your ears out.  My human hates to pull out those nasty ear hairs, but a dogs ears should be kept clean (especially us beardies - I get really long hairs wadded in fur balls and all yucky with ear wax).  Remember, a trip once a year for us dogs is like a human going every three to five years.