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Brushing Fido's Teeth
Dear Hobo - Someone said we should brush our dog's teeth.  Is that true, I thought dry dog food and those dog biscuits would keep his teeth clean? 

Yup, it is true.  It really is best to brush a dog's teeth.  You can get flavored tooth paste which doesn't have to be rinsed out of the dog's mouth.  I prefer the chicken flavor.  They also make little tooth brushes that a human can put on their finger.  Dad uses a regular brush, but it is designed for a dog.  Dry dog food does help keep the teeth clean.  So do some of those special biscuits.  While at the vet the other day, we got a free sample of a new type of dog food.  The dry food has pieces about half an inch to one inch round and they have fibers going two directions to help clean the teeth.  The vet said that she preferred this food as a treat (some of the other foods are much better for nutrition).  Dad gives me a few everyday now.  And they really work good.  My teeth are bright white now.  A warning to all my beardie buds (and other buds too) who have allergies.  If you are allergic to certain foods, you should check out any biscuit dog food or even tooth paste to make sure it doesn't contain something that will make you itch or worse. 

By the way, our vet said they have a complete dental treatment available - not a bad idea to have a yearly check up.  I found out that teeth cleaning can cost lots of $ if they have to use aomething to make the dog sleep - so get out the tooth brush and keep those pearly whites clean as long as possible. But my own teeth have been cleaned by the vet and they really looked great afterwards.