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Welcome to my advice column.  Remember, I am only a dog like you.  My opinions are to the best of my knowledge but are only opinions, researched or what I feel is correct..  The writer of this page is not responsible for any actions the reader may take as a result of reading this column.  If that is OK with you, keep reading.  If not, then go back and enjoy the other pages.You can address your questions to Hobo by email with the topic Hobo's Advice (click on my picture) 
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Sunburned Nose
Dear Hobo - I am a beardie and my nose hurts when I am outside in the sun too long.  What should I do?  Ask your human to get some hypoalergenic sun block (maybe a SPF 30) and put it on your nose (especially the pink area) before you go out in the sun.  Lots of beardies do it and I have found it works.  If it is already sunburned, you need to stay inside until it heals.  By the way - Humans should remember not to leave your pets in hot places too long - never in the car in the summer!  And make sure clean cool water is always available.

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