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Puppy For Christmas
Dear Hobo - I want a new puppy for Christmas, but mom says not until after Christmas.  What do you think?  You have a smart mom.  This topic is probably the most popular this time of year.  All the advice columns say NO.  I am going to make an exception, one that maybe your mom and the others will agree with -  How about rescuing a dog from your animal shelter or breeder rescue.  Thousand of dogs are brought to shelters during the winter.  They will spend only a few weeks there - then, well, their little lives may end.  Sometimes these dogs are a little bit older, and they may be able to adapt to a new home easier than a little puppy.  Your family can give them love.

I agree with your mom, little puppies should probably stay with their breeder for the holidays.  The excitement of the holidays may be too much for them.  We don't want these little puppies to get sick because of too much handling.  Many breeders will not let their puppies go to new homes during this time.  And, I just don't recommend pet stores for purchasing puppies (sorry - my opinion).

By the way, what better gift than to donate to your local pet shelter or breed rescue.  This is also a gift to yourself, you may be saving a precious little life.
Please look at my friends at Francis's Dog House, check out his Christmas page, and read about rescue and shelters