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Eating Leaves - grrrr
Dear Hobo, my beardie and I go for long walks from our house. She will frequently stop along the way, and at one spot (where there is a plant), tear off a leaf or two, and munch it! this is done with much growling. Can you shed any light on this? I can understand the eating of the leaves (WE ALL NEED OUR GREENS) but why the growling. Chip always stops at the same point, and repeats this rather odd (to my mind) behavior. Can the great HOBO shed any light on this? This is a real letter folks.  We did our best and even asked some experts - all said "I don't know."  My only thought is that this is some kind of a game, or possibly a back to nature thing.  Dogs who roll in smelly stuff, for example, are really reverting back to the days when it was a good idea to disguise your own body odor with something else.  Whew, that will throw them off the trail (who wants to smell garbage?).  During my vast and extensive investigation, I found one site that sold barley green for dogs, you know, that yucky tasting stuff that humans drink to be real healthy.  They said dogs need green stuff too, and that this is often seen by observing dogs eating grass.  BUT - why attack the green stuff?  Boredom?  Hmmmm maybe.  Mom said that beardie puppies shouldn't graze as they look like little holsteins (is that how you spell it - you know the black and white cows?).  Personally, i only eat grass when I need to empty my stomach fast.  Final thought - could be a crazy vegetarian?  Who knows what those lady beardies are thinking of?