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Welcome to my advice column.  Remember, I am only a dog like you.  My opinions are to the best of my knowledge but are only opinions, researched or what I feel is correct..  The writer of this page is not responsible for any actions the reader may take as a result of reading this column.  If that is OK with you, keep reading.  If not, then go back and enjoy the other pages.You can address your questions to Hobo by email with the topic Hobo's Advice (click on my picture) 
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Instructive Reprimand
Here is an interesting suggestion for many situations. An instructive reprimand is better than just plain "No!" because it is instructive, it tells the dog what to do rather than simply telling him that you are displeased. And because you communicates disapproval by using an authoritative tone of voice, it is also a reprimand. For example, when your dog is barking excessively - say "Quiet." Later praise the dog when he has been quiet for awhile. Or if your dog is jumping up on you or someone else - say "Off!" Again, praise is in order once the dog has settled down with all four paws on the floor. You can think of a lot of other situations and commands. Remember to be consistent. For example, if some days you allow your dog to jump up and maybe even reward him by petting him, then he will be confused later when you tell him "Off". If you want him to jump up, then YOU command him to jump up - maybe by saying "Up." By the way, don't yell at the dog, just a firm no-nonsense command will do. You want him to focus on what you are saying.