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Welcome to my advice column.  Remember, I am only a dog like you.  My opinions are to the best of my knowledge but are only opinions, researched or what I feel is correct..  The writer of this page is not responsible for any actions the reader may take as a result of reading this column.  If that is OK with you, keep reading.  If not, then go back and enjoy the other pages.You can address your questions to Hobo by email with the topic Hobo's Advice (click on my picture) 
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Ice in my Paws
Dear Hobo - I read your column on winter safety.  What do you advise for removing the ice from my beardie's feet?  And what about the little cracks I see on his paws (he hasn't been walking on salted roads)? This topic has come up many times in various places.  Some of the most popular answers are to use luke warm water to slowly melt the snow or ice.  You can also help by using your fingers to carefully break up the clumps.  Then dry with a towel and make sure he or she doesn't go outside with wet feet soon.  Also note that beadies can grow some very long fur in the pads of their feet.  This must be groomed to remove mats.  Triming fur on the paws (between the pads to even with the pads will help prevent snow and ice clots - but make sure you don't remove too much - it is there for insulation. The cracks found on the surface of the paws might be from the ice or snow, dry skin ,or frostbite.  A common remedy is to use petroleum jelly or intensive care lotion, wiping off the excess so it isn't tracked on floors.  If severe, you might want to see the vet.  Remember to towel or blow-dry your dog if he gets wet from rain or snow.  Carefull with the blow dryer - those made for humas might bee too hot and burn your bud.