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I am a Beardieaholic

Are you a Beardieaholic ?
You may be, if you answer “yes” to more than half of the following questions!


  1. Has anyone ever made your day by correctly identifying your dog as a Bearded Collie?
  2. Does your Beardie send cards to other dogs?
  3. Does your Beardie send cards to people?
  4. Does your Beardie receive cards?
  5. Do most of your t shirts feature Beardies?
  6. Have you ever passed up an attractive social invitation because it conflicts with your Beardie’s show schedule?
  7. Does your car have a personalized plate/license plate frame/bumper sticker reflecting your interest in Beardies?
  8. Do you have a bathtub in your home/garage just for Beardies?
  9. Do you own more than seven books on Beardies?
  10. Do you own more than one Beardie?
  11. Does the artwork on your walls feature Beardies?
  12. Do you belong to an email list about Beardies?
  13. Have you ever scanned your Beardie’s photo and sent it to friends and/or other Beardies?
  14. Do you have more crates than Beardies?
  15. Was your Beardie purchased on a spay/neuter contract?
  16. Do you co-own your Beardie?
  17. Have you purchased a larger car/home to accommodate your Beardies?
  18. Does your Beardie have several different names, most of which make no sense?
  19. Do your car windows have “Beardie snot art”?
  20. Do you know what BC-29466E33M-PI means?

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