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Beardie Crossword Puzzle - by Maryann Szalka

1.Grooming tool
3. Bones And Raw Food (acronym)
4. Agility obstacle (climb it)
6 Dog used for breeding
7. Challenge Certificate (England)
9. What Beardies love to give you
12. Beardie Agility Diehard
13. Bearded Collie
15. Agility obstacle (tip it)
20. CH, CD, CGH, HIC for example
22. Orthopedic Foundation of America
23. American Kennel Club
24. What puppies love to do
25. Herding title
26. Agility command
28. Grooming or Pause
31. Conforming to the AKC standard
32. Father of the puppies
33. Said to be the first Beardie kennel
36. Dog doctor
37. Mother of the puppies
1. What Beardies do best
2. Beardies’ crowning glory
3. Bearded Collie Club of America
5. Grooming tool
8. Obedience title
10. An all breed dog ____
11. What Beardies herd
12. Female dog
13. Food used in the ring
14. Fun dog sport (Cowboy’s favorite)
16. Color of second place ribbon
17. CD and UDX are _______ titles
18.  Clean up your Beardie
19. Usually found at the end of a dog
21. Three or more points is a _______
24. Young dog
27.  Show or _____ quality
28. Agility obstacle (go through)
29. Best in Show
30. Canine Eye Registration Foundation
33. Where you find on-line Beardie people
34. Beardie with prominent tan markings
35. Register of Merit





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